Audit and Analysis

Fully automated audit for all duplicate, rate, discount, ancillary and performance metrics with refund processing for all exceptions

With over 60 years of audit experience, CTSI-Global has had the opportunity to build and refine what has been recognized as industry-leading multi-modal audit technology. CTSI-Global has 45 expanded audit and analysis criteria, including multi-level duplicate checks, shipment confirmation, on-time delivery, address corrections, international paperwork and more.

Key Features of CTSI-Global's Audit and Analysis Services Include:

  • Valid company invoice
  • Duplicate prevention
  • Compliant Carrier
  • Standard audit criteria:
    • Confirm Shipment
    • Rates
    • Discount
    • Ancillary fees
    • Performance
  • Custom audit criteria:
    • Match pay
    • Cost allocation
    • Other client requests