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Freight Audit and Payment

CTSI-Global's Core Service Offering Since 1957

With leading-edge technology, CTSI-Global now processes over $12 billion in Sarbanes-Oxley-compliant payments annually for 10,000 carriers and hundreds of quality clients. CTSI-Global's experience, technology and flexibility provide the highest level of expanded audit performance and payment solutions.

By allowing experts to manage your contracts, audit your bills, allocate the charges, make the payments, and report the results, you are assured of paying the correct amount.

Industry Knowledge & Expertise

CTSI-Global's management team has extensive experience in all aspects of freight auditing and payment. Broad logistics, accounting and MIS knowledge provide an environment that keeps each involved individual aware of our clients' needs and requirements. CTSI-Global's audit staff, with over 400 years combined experience and expertise in all modes of transportation, assures that clients' savings will be maximized. This experience is enhanced by one of the most sophisticated rating systems in our industry used to electronically rate shipment data for over 3 million transactions daily.

Customised Processing

Each client is unique and, therefore, treated as such at CTSI-Global. Data capture, edit routines, and reporting outputs are all customised to allow each client to meet corporate objectives. With CTSI-Global's strong attention to quality control, clients can rely on accurate data and timely carrier payments.

Innovating Technology

CTSI-Global is truly committed to innovation with results by continuing to reinvest in technology and improve processes and globalization to support all of our clients’ requirements and future needs. Since 1957, CTSI-Global has been providing world-class freight audit and payment services, but payment solutions are only the starting point, quickly discovering that the real value of its services is in the information it is able to capture and securely store. This innovative technology allows clients to link data from various touch points in the supply chain to identify trends in shipping patterns, monitor changes and extract data sets for modeling, benchmarking, and strategic planning. 

Continue Process Improvement

CTSI-Global offers customised processes to all of its clients and, consequently, has operated over the years in a continuous process-improvement environment. The controlled growth and continual development of new products is evidence that CTSI-Global is committed to this culture. What this means to customers is that we are never satisfied being static. As we process our customers' transactions over the weeks and months, we are constantly looking at the exceptions, finding resolutions where possible with the customer, and streamlining the operations for both them and their carriers.

International Presence

Clients with international needs receive the same focus on service and savings from the experienced logistics professionals APAC, EMEA and South Asia global offices. CTSI-Global currently processes in all major languages and currencies.

Highlights Include:

  • Global solutions supporting all modes, carriers and industries
  • Full visibility of all rates, audit / coding logic and invoices in process
  • An expanded audit

Key Features of CTSI-Global's Freight Audit and Payment Services Include:

  • Contract Management
    • Scan, store, review and analyze all contracts online.

  • Data Capture
    • Efficient EDI processing, OCR scanning, Online Data Entry (ODE), manual data entry or custom electronic file processing.

  • Audit and Analysis
    • Fully automate audit for all duplicate, rate, discount, ancillary and performance metrics with refund processing for all exceptions.

  • Cost Allocation
    • Allocate costs by any requested client criteria (e.g. carrier account, origin, recipient, product or employee).

  • Exception Management
    • Online access to review all billing exceptions to modify, reject or approve for payment processing.

  • Payment Processing
    • Complete process tracking and cash management system to ensure all payments are released according to contract guidelines.