Cost Allocation

Electronic freight cost allocation by any requested client criteria

CTSI-Global has extensive experience in designing customised coding techniques for each client. Cost allocation by any key attribute (e.g. mode, carrier, account, shipper location, destination location, product, employee) is a routine and beneficial payment process request. CTSI-Global can map your existing logic, split allocation charges by weight, case count, etc. and/or divide fees among various cost centers as needed. We also offer consulting to help optimise the freight cost allocation process.

CTSI-Global fully recognizes that each company will have unique cost center coding and business intelligence requirements. What was once termed simply "cost center" or "general ledger coding" has evolved into providing the coding logic and interfaces that assist with allocation of all costs, inventory and services. The Cost Allocation system is designed with the flexibility to accommodate virtually any custom logic request.

A unique benefit CTSI-Global provides is the way we store client data. Data, such as contracts, rates and coding logic, are stored in online tables so that our coding logic is well-documented and easy to view. Establishing these coding logic flows and refinements is a key area of focus for initial implementation and for meeting our clients' ongoing business needs.

CTSI-Global's Cost Allocation Services Can Allocate Costs According To:

  • Carrier
  • Carrier account number
  • Mode
  • Origin
  • Destination
  • Direction
  • Service
  • Product
  • Employee
  • Client's custom request