Customer Invoicing

Full service freight payment to handle invoices for the LSP or enable LSP to invoice their clients

Freight bill audit and payment has been CTSI-Global's core business for over 60 years. 

Key Features of CTSI-Global's Customer Invoicing Include:

  •  A full service freight payment or you can purchase the application
  •  Scanned contracts, tariffs and invoices with full online access
  •  Online visibility for the status of all in-process and paid invoices
  •  Online visibility of all rate, audit and cost allocation coding logic
  •  Online Data Entry (ODE) for direct carrier invoice input
  •  Advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  •  Online Exception Resolution
  •  10,000 carriers supported in all modes
  •  800+ EDI carrier trading partners
  •  The industry's largest global processing network
  •  Maximum processing efficiency and savings

Not only does the CTSI-Global system handle freight invoices for the LSP, but it can also enable the LSP to invoice its own clients in a number of different ways:

  • Traditional
  • Buy / sell
  • Gainshare
  • Pre-Pay and Add (PP&A)
  • Configured format for each LSP customer

For example, the billing system can reflect what is actually paid by the provider and then can create a 'retail' invoice for the provider's customers.

Customer invoices can be created for almost any type of arrangement, e.g. buy / sell where the LSP buys the freight at one rate and sells the freight to the customer using a different rate, gainshare pricing where the LSP receives a percentage of the savings realised through rate negotiations and Pre-Pay and Add where the LSP charges its customers a fee for using LSP-negotiated rates.

Create the customer invoices in a number of different formats including Microsoft Excel, .PDF, XML, EDI, and .TXT.