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Logistics Management

Programs that make doing business with CTSI-Global a meaningful and rewarding venture to result in a WIN-WIN partnership.

CTSI-Global is a logistics company with a reputation for honesty, integrity and commitment to improving efficiencies in supply chain solutions. Prior to implementing recommended solutions, CTSI-Global carefully analyses past, present and future logistics requirements for all programs. CTSI-Global's management team supports the entire spectrum of logistics services to provide state-of-the-art solutions for clients. CTSI-Global approachs each assignment with the objective of enhancing the cost effectiveness of the clients' distribution networks. CTSI-Global also provides a complete logistics modeling package, which identifies the most strategic distribution alignment to meet clients' service requirements.

Traditionally, CTSI-Global provides applications and services for shippers and LSP/ 3PLs. Today, CTSI-Global also acts as a fourth-party logistics provider (4PL), managing processes for 3PL clients. CTSI-Global also offers onsite manning requests and can provide dedicated representatives for our clients.

CTSI-Global offers global transportation management services, focused on accommodating our clients' logistics needs and requirements. Our core services include the management of all transportation modes, supported by automated computer systems. Benefits of using CTSI-Global become clear through the bottom line results derived through our value-added services.

Key Features of CTSI-Global's Logistics Management Services Include:

  • Customised transportation application packages
  • Carrier management and rate negotiations
  • Load planning
  • Inbound freight management
  • Routing guides
  • Routing compliance audits
  • Claims filing
  • Supply chain management strategy development
  • Customer relationship management
  • Site location studies for plants and warehouses
  • Vendor and carrier compliance monitoring
  • Modeling service
  • Event Management