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To provide our clients with world-class solutions, CTSI-Global establishes strategic partnerships with key technical and accounting experts

IBMIBM is both a CTSI-Global client and a strategic partner. IBM's Consulting Services Group recommends CTSI-Global's payment solutions, business intelligence and transportation optimisation tools to its clients for quality IBM-based solutions.

MadJack EnterprisesMadJack Enterprises has assembled a team of highly qualified, technically capable individuals that enables us to exceed all expectations of our clients. With over 140 years of combined industry-specific experience, MadJack Enterprises can take on any project with complete competence.

MCG LogisticsMCG Logistics is a global leader in parcel and heavyweight freight audit and logistics warehousing services, specializing in reducing freight and parcel costs for our customers. Our combined 75+ years of industry experience working with large volume shippers as freight contract and pricing negotiators, provides us with the unique ability for creating and streamlining supply chain management solutions with the overall objective of reducing costs.

Pitney BowesPitney Bowes is a leading provider of customer communication technologies; including mailroom, desktop and production shipping, servicing both large corporations and small-to-medium-sized businesses in more than 100 countries. Pitney is a long-standing client of CTSI-Global, as well as a strategic partner. CTSI-Global's TMS provides the back-end support to some of the applications offered in the Pitney Bowes SendSuite Live Service Package.

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