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Rate Negotiation

Handling bid preparations and carrier negotiations on behalf of our clients for decades

CTSI-Global's staff of global supply chain consultants provide superior insight to all of your companies business needs. CTSI-Global is not affiliated with any carrier, brokerage firm or forwarder, which enables us to negotiate effectively with carriers across all modes to find all possible savings.

Key Features of CTSI-Global's Rate Negotiation Services Include:

  • Survey traffic personnel at each shipping facility for their input
  • Analyze traffic lanes and compile Carrier Master File
  • Draft a 'Request for Quotation' (RFQ)
    • Traffic lane analysis for each shipping location
    • Facts regarding client's freight
    • Rating information (e.g., bureau, carrier class or contract)
    • Deadline date
  • Perform rate conversions, if necessary, as bids are received and then enter into the computer
  • Determine break-even discounts for each carrier
  • Print a state-by-state routing matrix that lists the carriers' bids for each shipping facility
  • Make carrier selections with input from the client
  • File contracts and complete the necessary paperwork prior to using the selected carrier
  • Provide each shipping facility with a Carrier Routing Guide