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The University of Sydney | Sydney, NSW

  1. Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies


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United Kingdom

Cranfield University | Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England

  1. Centre for Automotive Technology
  2. Centre for Resource Management and Efficiency
  3. Decision Engineering Centre
  4. Manufacturing Systems Centre

Heriot-Watt University | Edinburgh, Scotland

  1. Logistics Research Centre

Loughborough University | Loughborough, Leicestershire, England

  1. The Systems Engineering Doctorate Centre
  2. Systems Engineering Innovation Centre

University of Kent | Kent, England

  1. Centre for Value Chain Research


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United States

California State University, Long Beach | Long Beach, CA

  1. Center for International Trade and Transportation

California State University, San Bernadino | San Bernadino, CA

  1. Leonard Transportation Center

Central Washington University | Ellensburg, WA

  1. Supply Chain Management Institute

Georgia Institute of Technology | Atlanta, GA

  1. Supply Chain and Logistics Institute

Iowa State University | Ames, IA

  1. Industrial Assessment Center
  2. Information Assurance Center
  3. Institute for Transportation
  4. Bridge Engineering Center
  5. Center for Nanotechnology in Cementitious Systems
  6. Center for Transportation Research and Education
  7. Center for Weather Impacts on Mobility and Safety
  8. Earthworks Engineering Research Center
  9. Midwest Transportation Consortium
  10. National Center for Wood Transportation Structures
  11. National Concrete Pavement Technology Center

Massachusetts Institute of Technology | Cambridge, MA

  1. Center for Information Systems Research
  2. Center for Transportation and Logistics
  3. Operations Research Center

Michigan State University | East Lansing, MI

  1. IBM On-Demand Supply Chain Center

Niagara University | Lewiston, NY

  1. Center for Supply Chain Excellence

Northwestern University | Evanston, IL

  1. Center for the Commercialization of Innovative Transportation Technology
  2. Center for Energy Efficient Transportation
  3. Center for Operations and Supply Chain Management
  4. Infrastructure Technology Institute
  5. Initiative for Sustainability and Energy at Northwestern
  6. Transportaion Center
  7. Transportation Library

The Ohio State University | Columbus, OH

  1. The Global Supply Chain Forum

Pennsylvania State University | University Park, PA

  1. Center for Supply Chain Research

Rochester Institute of Technology | Rochester, NY

  1. Golisano Institute for Sustainability

Texas Christian University | Fort Worth, TX

  1. Supply and Value Chain Center

The University of Alabama | Tuscaloosa, AL

  1. Supply Chain Institute

University of Arkansas | Fayetteville, AR

  1. Supply Chain Management Research Center

University of Denver | Denver, CO

  1. Intermodal Transportation Institute

University of Florida | Gainesville, FL

  1. Center for Supply Chain Management
  2. Powell Center for Construction and Environment

University of Maryland | College Park, MD

  1. Netcentric Supply Chain Lab
  2. Supply Chain Management Center

The University of Memphis | Memphis, TN

  1. FedEx Center for Supply Chain Management

University of Michigan | Ann Arbor, MI

  1. Frederick A. and Barbara M. Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise
  2. Tauber Institute for Global Operations

University of Minnesota | Minneapolis, MN, USA

  1. Center for Transportation Studies

University of Missouri -- St. Louis | St. Louis, MO

  1. Center for Transportation Studies

University of Nebraska -- Lincoln | Lincoln, NE

  1. Transportation Logistics Lab

University of North Florida | Jacksonville, FL

  1. Center for Logistics and Supply Chain Management

University of Washington | Seattle, WA

  1. Intelligent Transportation Systems Research Program
  2. Washington State Transportation Center

University of Wisconsin -- Superior | Superior, WI

  1. Transportation and Logistics Research Center

US Department of Transportation | Washington, D.C.

  1. National Transportation Library

Washington State University | Pullman, WA

  1. Washington State Transportation Center


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