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Services Success Stories

CTSI-Global values its clients. The company's top priority to provide key communication, responsiveness and service level commitments in every aspect of service. The client services department is made up of logistics professionals with backgrounds in transportation and finance with both carrier and shipper experience that are dedicated to giving clients full support.

Here are some success stories on how clients have benefited from partnering with CTSI-Global:

Harley-Davidson - Freight Audit and Payment Services

Most important to Harley-Davidson, however, was the ability to maintain carrier compliance records. Using reports generated by CTSI-Global, the company can identify carriers that do not arrive at dealers during the prescribed delivery window and take necessary corrective action.

This goes a long way toward assisting Harley-Davidson in its stated objective to 'create the ultimate customer-friendly retail experience'.

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Molex - Freight Audit and Payment Services

"We used to do a lot of manual paperwork processing to pay freight invoices," he says. "The mountains of paperwork would grow until we had to take the work home over the weekend and flush it all through the system at once. This caused sudden spikes in freight payments, which was a serious concern to our finance department.

"Today," he says, "because we're being proactive and managing our freight information, we no longer have peaks and valleys in our freight payment processing. Now, if freight bill payments peak, it's because the business peaked, not the paperwork. If we didn't have these tools, we'd still be buried under paper."

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