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Carrier Selection

Selection of the optimal carrier based on predetermined lane routing, performance, price or other custom client criteria

With the variety of different options available to today's global shippers, selecting the best carrier can be a challenging process. CTSI-Global's system provides a centralized solution to easily select the optimal carrier based on predetermined routing guide, performance, price or other business needs or other criteria set by the client.

Having the tools online to quickly get a freight quote will ensure routing compliancy. By entering origin, destination and weight, a user can get actual rates for a shipment. Class or stop-offs can also be entered based on the terms of the contract with the carrier.

Clients can create and update their routing guides through simple online maintenance tables that interface directly with CTSI-Global's contract management and rating system to provide exact rate for any shipment. All modes are supported for both domestic and international shipping activity. This routing automation, combined with the contract data CTSI-Global captures to provide Freight Audit and Payment services, enables clients to optimize all shipping activity.

Key Features of CTSI-Global's Carrier Selection Include:

  • Online routing guide
  • Carrier selection based on routing instructions, carrier report card, claims history, delivery performance, least cost or custom client criteria
  • Prepay and add pricing with accrual reporting
  • Proactive carrier compliance management and monitoring
  • Vendor / client routing
  • Spot quote management
  • Global routing