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Parcel Detail Processing

Parcel Detail Processing captures Package Level Detail (PLD) from UPS invoices for shippers and logistics service providers around the globe. To evaluate the UPS PLD data, Parcel Detail Processing can generate flexible drill-down dashboards and traditional analytics reports.

Integrating UPS PLD audit analytics

Executive Dashboard

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) captures detail down to the package level so that CTSI-Global can thoroughly analyze and audit to manage transportation spend. This audit detects inaccuracies regarding chargebacks, unauthorized consignee billing, contract rate claims and more.

Parcel Detail Processing integrates into CTSI-Global's Freight Audit and Payment services and Business Intelligence applications to provide a seamless supply chain solution. These figures are also available in a single query-builder database.

Advanced PLD capabilities capture deeper data for better reporting and drill-down analysis and, ultimately, more savings opportunities for 3PL’s and shipper clients. Additionally, reporting dashboards enable shippers and LSP's to determine UPS spend and analyze shipping patterns.

Key features of CTSI-Global's Parcel Detail Processing include:

  • Audits package level detail (PLD) from domestic and international invoices
  • Single query builder database combines data from UPS and other carriers
  • Executive Dashboard for drill-down analysis
  • Analyst Dashboard to trend shipping patterns
  • Individual shipment cost allocation
  • Capability to provide POD
  • Contract-rate error notifications through UPS claims filing
  • Checks against duplicate-billed packages to detect duplicate payments
  • Line-item audit for rate errors and duplicate tracking numbers